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● In 2020, our company's R&D, production and sales processes passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification;

● In 2019,our new generation of products passed CE certification, ready to enter the overseas market;

● In 2018,our new generation of C/D/S series micro pumps were successfully developed and entered the domestic market, which proved our products and technology reached a new level;

● In 2017,  an R&D and production base of 
Hilintec was established, which realized its integrated operation of R&D, production and testing of Hilintec products;

● In 2016, a new 
brand "Hilintec"  was established, focusing on the research, development and sales of micro pumps;

● In the early 1990s, Chinese enterprises introduced technology and began to develop refined and miniaturized pumps;

● Before the 1990s,the micro pump  was mainly dominated by German and Japanese products;