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C09 series PWM speed control diaphragm vacuum pump
 The C09 series miniature air pump is a small volume vacuum pump with integrated digital flow control function. Connecting to its suction port can realize the function of pumping or vacuuming.
 The main application areas include: gas analysis, environmental protection testing, laser equipment, biochemical medicine, lab equipment, etc.
 It is especially suitable for scenarios where there are strict requirements on flow pulsation and the flow rate is less than 2L/min; the flow rate of this type of pump is adjustable.

■Equipped with PWM speed control signal port
■No-load average flow: 1.3/min~2L/min
■No-load peak flow: 1.5L/min~2L/min
■Relative vacuum: -37kPa
■Overall life:premium version>5500hrs
■Input voltage: 24V