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C50 series remote control diaphragm vacuum pump
The C50 series miniature air pump is a compact vacuum pump with integrated speed and flow control function. Connecting to its suction port can realize the function of pumping or vacuuming.
The main application areas include: gas analysis, environmental protection testing, laser equipment, biochemical medicine, lab equipment, etc.
 It is especially suitable for scenarios where installation space is not large, large flow or high vacuum is required, and the gas discharging is smooth. The pump can be remotely controlled and has high reliability and a peak flow rate of 22L/min.

■Equipped with start-stop control signal port, replaceable pneumatic connector
■No-load average flow: 11/min~14.5L/min
■No-load peak flow rate: 20L/min~22L/min
■Relative vacuum: -60kPa~-61kPa