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C30 Series Frequency Speed Control Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
The C30 series miniature air pump is a compact vacuum pump with integrated speed and flow control function. Connecting to its suction port can realize the function of pumping or vacuuming.
The main application areas include: gas analysis, environmental testing, laser equipment, biochemical medicine and lab equipment, etc.
Especially suitable for: gas collection or analysis fields with a flow rate of 4-6L/min and unobstructed exhaust. This model product, with good air tightness and high reliability, is equipped with working status indicator and frequency speed control interface.

Equipped with speed control signal port and replaceable pneumatic connector
■No-load average flow: 2.5L/min~4.1L/min
■No-load peak flow rate: 4L/min~6L/min
■Relative vacuum: -41kPa~-48kPa
■Overall life: premium ve